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"Urban Trendsetters Television's new program, 'Young and Trendy,' showcases the positive aspects of the youth by highlighting their talents, skills, entrepreneurship, and other noteworthy attributes."

Below are 5 ways that the "Young and Trendy" show will be a great show for any community:

  1. Promotes positivity: The show highlights the positive aspects of the youth in the black community, showcasing their talents, skills, and entrepreneurship. This can promote positivity and encourage other young people to strive towards their goals.

  2. Inspires the youth: By featuring successful and accomplished young people in the community, the show can inspire and motivate other young people to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

  3. Fosters community pride: "Young and Trendy" celebrates the achievements of young people in the community, which can foster a sense of community pride and encourage others to get involved in supporting and uplifting the youth.

  4. Diverse representation: The show provides a platform for young people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, which can help break down stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and accepting community.

  5. Encourages engagement: The show may encourage viewers to get involved in supporting the youth in their community by volunteering, mentoring, or investing in youth-led initiatives.


We are looking for the following youth:

  • Hosts

  • Interview Features

  • Producers

  • Creative Talent and Content Creators.

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