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The Laff House” has played a major part in the foundation of Urban comedy for about 30 years; Rod Millwood has a perspective of “Comedy and Urban Comedy” which is not quite the same as commonly thought of by most people. Mr. Rod Millwood, the founder, and proprietor, views “Urban Comedy” as the “art of storytelling” from the basis of personal, family and community experiences which are true and extremely hilarious and funny.

In various settings, Urban Comedy may be viewed as perverse and vulgar because of how it has often been presented on stage by various stand-up comedians. However, Mr. Rod and the Laff House give positivity back to the community, along with laughter and joy, which is always close to his heart. 

The throwback comedy of Laff House Season 1 features comedians Michael Shawn, Dion Cole, and Mark Simmons. 

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