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Engage & Empower 

 The unique opportunity for engaging African-American consumers lies in a company’s ability to make that consumer feel connected, respected, and reflect them as a viable consumer of a product.  While African Americans are voracious consumers of media such as television, radio, and print, many companies assume that because there are no language barriers, there is no need to advertise to Black audiences through African-American media outlets. This is a missed opportunity for companies, who can use such outlets to reach Black consumers in trusted environments where Blacks see themselves most often reflected.  Consider the following facts on Blacks perceptions on advertising.

"We as Blacks have to be responsible for deciding, ‘How do I want to spend my money and do I want to spend it with brands that are paying attention to me?"

                                                                       -Cheryl Grace, co-creator of the Diverse Intelligence Series Report

the urban trendsetters audience

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  • 91% believe that Black media is more relevant to them  

  • 81% believe that products advertised on Black media are more relevant to them 

  • 77% believe that Black media has a better understanding of the needs and issues that affect them  

  • 78% would like to see more Black models/actors used in ads, and over half (51%) would purchase a product if the advertising portrayed Blacks positively 

  • 73% believe that Black media keeps them in touch with their heritage  

  • 68% want to see more commercials directed specifically to Black audiences  

  • 67% want to see more advertising targeting Black consumers 



Female     60%

Male         40% 



 4%        18 and Under  

16%       19-25 

45%       26-35  

35%       36-45  

10%       46 and Older ‘

Median Age     35 

With Children 4 & under    22% 

14-18                                 35%



10%       under $24,000

20%       $25,000-$35,000 

22%       $36,000-$49,000  

35%       $50,000-$74,000  

13%       over $75,000.00  

Avg. Household Income   $65,000


2 or more persons employed in household                                  52% 

Real Estate Primary Residence 77% Own Other Real Estate              33&  Apartment                                   38%


Income Description

Business Owner / Entrepreneur

35%   Own a business 


47%    White Collar  

32%    Blue Collar  


Level of Completion

 5%    High School Students 

 95%    High School Grads 

 28%    Some College  

47%    College Degree  

19%    Graduate School 



Owns or Leases Two

or More Vehicles                            63%

Owns or Leases Three

or More Vehicles                           28%

Plans to Buy or Lease a

Vehicle in Next 12 Months            32% 


Average Domestic Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year       7 Average Foreign Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year        5

 One or More Vacation Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year    75%




African Americans are avid TV viewers, spending over 50 hours per week watching TV, and content providers are recognizing the importance of providing relevant content to them.

Smartphone                                 98%

Tablet                                           64%

Internet-Connected Device         50%

Video Game Console                  65%

Desktop Computer                      74%