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A former prosecuting attorney and long-time fan favorite, Judge Mablean Ephriam can bring a courtroom to laughter with her tell-it-like-it-is approach. She is well-known for playing the judge in Tyler Perry’s Madea comedies and a seven-year stint on Divorce Court. Now she’s back on TV with her out-of-the-box hit, “Justice With Judge Mablean,” where she combines her irresistible personality with over 20 years of legal wisdom.

She’s not just a TV judge — she’s a nationally recognized brand. For seven years Judge Mablean ruled “Divorce Court,” turning that series into a bonafide hit. She then appeared in several feature films and published a book, Judge Mablean’s Life Lessons: Tools For Weekly Living. Her return to TV on “Justice With Judge Mablean” has immediately scored with viewers, drawing in fans new and old — particularly women ages 25-54 — and beating out long-established shows in her time slot.

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