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BLACK COLLEGE QUIZ -  The quiz show series features HBCU College students from around the country showcasing their knowledge and skill of African-American history. This weekly, half-hour series has featured over 50 HBCU schools since its inception and awarded over $500,000 dollars in scholarships.

The purpose of the Black College Quiz game show series is to encourage an appreciation of African-American Heritage by all people in an entertaining quiz show format. The quiz show features college students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Predominately Black Institutions, and Universities and Colleges with Black Studies Departments from around the country showcasing their knowledge and skills of African-American history and culture.

Through BCQ, we show the nation that African-American’s have made valuable contributions to the world in the areas of life that are not typically glamorized. We have a vision that educating our children will open doors and break the stereotypes that people have developed about the African-American race. Each participant of BCQ earns scholarship money to help offset the expenses of college.

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