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The Aunt DEBB Show

Spotlighting Today's Kidpreneurs

“The Aunt Debb is a vision of Debra Edwards.  Mother of 6 and grandmother of 19, Debra has been surrounded by children her whole life including a host of nieces and nephews.

“The Aunt Deb show came to my spirit when I was in the hospital with Covid fighting to breathe. The experience changed, moved, and inspired me to pursue my passion which is empowering our youth, I have had the name Aunt Debb since I was 8 years old."

After 35 years as a Government Employee, Debra like many individuals during and post-COVID, decided "that time waits for no one and if the Aunt Debb show was going to become reality, she needed to start now."

The Aunt Debb show features interviews and spotlights young entrepreneurs from across the country. From online sales to storefronts the children and kidpreneurs featured on the Aunt Debb show are the future business owners of America.

Not just your lemonade stand or throwing newspapers on porches, kids are starting businesses today from social media influencers to online retail. The Aunt Debb Show spotlights them all with a twist.  

Created to empower this weekly program will provide tips, tools, and resources for those in business and those that want to be.

Sneak Preview of the Aunt Debb Show



Be A Part of the Aunt Debb Show

Align Your Brand with US!

An investment in our youth can not be denied. Young Entrepreneurs are on the rise! While the concept of one day finally being your own boss has been around for a long time, it’s the younger generation that’s increasingly successful at achieving this goal.

Shinning the spotlight on these amazing kids is our mission!

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