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We value YOUR Opinion!

Urban Trendsetters Television has created our new Brand Ambassador program for entrepreneurs, influencers, movers, shakers, and trendsetters who are ready to explode their brand while promoting our brand.

The partnership between UTS TV and our BAs is a unique opportunity to share local news and information with UTS to increase exposure to and for the culture.

As a television and media company, we have a variety of ways to promote small businesses.  UTS TV is a NEW TV network.  We need viewers and people to tune in.  As BA Business Owner you will receive tools, resources, and tips to help you BAM! (Brand, Advertise & Market) your business. 


In your role as a BA Visionary, you will receive benefits, rewards, incentives, and perks.  

UTS TV Brand Ambassador Benefits Include:

  • Promotion for your personal brand and business

  • Brand Ambassador TV Announcements

  • Inclusion of your products and services in our watch & win daily giveaways

  • Discounts and Savings Club only available to our Ambassadors

  • Access to Trips, Vacations, Concerts, and Events on us for our upcoming programs, we can't be everywhere. we need you to attend and give us feedback.

  • Test Products from our advertisers


UTS TV Brand Ambassador Duties:

  • Post and share UTS TV social media posts on your page and in your group, announcing new programs and contests.  Tag us.

  • Complete new show viewings and surveys to provide valuable input on upcoming programs

  • Be our eyes and ears on the streets.  Share events and information with us.  Where do we need to be?

  • Watch UTS TV a minimum of 3 hours a week and share your program comments on the UTS TV FB Page.

  • Follow and Like our Urban Trendsetters Page

  • Follow and Like the 1Million1 Trendsetters social media pages.

  • Share local news and information on the Urban Trendsetters' social media pages.

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