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Founded in February 2003, this Columbus, OH-based company found its niche as the newspaper and known for reporting on the positive aspects of the urban community.  Urban Trendsetters Media gained a national reputation as a respected, integrated communications boutique representing the urban lifestyle.  

On our way here we became the Multicultural and Diversity Media Specialist of Central Ohio.  Our claim to fame is that we connect our clients to the community through events, email, social and digital marketing, as well as a media buyer for everything from radio to billboards and bus stops to street teams.   


At UTS TV  it is not our desire to compete with existing African American Networks, there is room for all of us. Our goal is to ensure that black creatives have the opportunity to develop original great content, allow black businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to present their products and services on a national, regional and local level, and celebrate our culture.


The move to TV seemed too obvious.  Urban Trendsetters Television Network (UTS TV) the nation's new over-the-air (OTA) broadcast network. UTS TV represents our culture respectfully and authentically.  

Urban Trendsetters Media

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