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Join us we celebrate Black Excellence and the 2023 HBCU Graduates

UTS TV celebrates the culture of Black America’s communities and culture 24-7 / 365 days a year through our 360 integrated suite of marketing services and products including television, news magazine, online radio station, digital, online, and social media services.

Since the unfortunate turn of events due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many important and life-changing events have had to postponed or cancel altogether.  Many events as we know are once-in-a-lifetime- occurrences, such as graduation from college. 

Urban Trendsetters Television wants to give the 2020 HBCU Graduates the proud send-off they deserve by spotlighting them and their College or University on Urban Trendsetters Television, our various media products, and media partners.

Due to limited space and time, Urban Trendsetters will feature televised spotlights of 500 Graduates from HBCU’s in our prime markets first.  Colleges and Universities include Ohio (Central State and Wilberforce) Louisiana (Southern University, Xavier, and Dillard)  Tennessee (Meharry, Fisk and Tennessee State), Texas(Texas Southern), Kentucky ( Kentucky State University), and Atlanta (Spellman, Moorhouse, and Clark).  Additional college graduates will be aired if time permits.



Graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities will have the opportunity to shine on television all week long as we as a community celebrate their accomplishments.

1: Send their graduation video to UTS TV – Each participating graduate will have their:15 second spotlight aired on television.  Details include:


School Name and Location

Major and Minor

Career Goal

2: Each graduate will have their video placed on the UTS TV Website 2023 HBCU Graduate Page through August 2023

3: Each graduate will have their photo and information listed in the UTS Magazine (Print and Digital).

This special edition will be available for download digitally and distributed throughout our current affiliate markets.  Each graduate will receive a copy.  The digital version will offer a link to view each graduate's video.

4: Each graduate will register for the Virtual Career Fair.

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